About Me

New around these parts?
Well there’s a few things you might like to know about me and this little place in the internet world that I call home
My life is far from perfect
But, it’s getting better. 
Our story is definitely not over.
I’m learning to have a little more grace.
And to let go of control, not that I ever had it in the first place ;)
I have three lovely faces that I get to look at every day and I couldn’t be happier about that. 
Especially when things could be very different.
I like cozy homes.
With delicious smells.
Lots of pillows, and a few throws.
I like easy decorating, something that my kids wont be scared to mess up.
I believe you don’t need a gigantic house to have a beautiful home.
I like to laugh. Sometimes I cuss. I’ll rock a white couch and maybe a pink wig.
Because you only live once. Don’t be afraid to LIVE 
Just live.
Live and Love.

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