Another PB inspired project.

Have you seen these lovelies over at yet?

I tell you they’re a beaut. I wanted them. Bad. I’ve even envisioned something HUGE like this one.

Photo from my newest addiction by the way.

Right, back to the giant cork board. I want one so bad. So so bad, like I looked all around my house for where one would fit. But of course we don’t have it. So the Pottery Barn ones seemed like the perfect fit. Big, but not too big. Enough to make a statement. You know, “Hey I’m a huge cork board. Look at me.” But let’s be real. 149.00 for a strip of cork and a thin frame. Really? Riiight. I’ll just make one. For free. Yes folks I said free.

I had a pretty big cork board from when I was younger that was in my garage hiding from all the possible owners walking through my house. It was in good shape just had a ugly frame on it. Too much honey color going on.

Oh..Okay well, apparently I didn’t take a before picture. I’m lame like that. But I did take one in the middle of action.

She just got a quick coat of black paint and there you have it. The EXACT.SAME.THING. For 149.00 cheaper.

Even better, I had one of those completely amazing eye pictures framed up in my room from when I was like..11 or so, she hid in my garage too. Oh, and because your wondering — The picture is of a whale. Keep the “I don’t get it, I just see your reflection in the picture” Jokes to yourself. ;)

Couple sprays of chalk paint right on the glass and poof. Another 149.00 saved.

Don’t judge my ugly basement. I know, it’s THAT bad.

So, seriously. I just saved myself 300.00. Mr. P should give me an award. Something along the lines of “My wife is amazingly talented and can spray paint something ugly into something fabulous.” You know, give or take.

Lets recap.





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    They look great! I thought that same thing when I saw those on the Pottery Barn site that they were crazy to charge $150 for a corkboard. I just bought one at Wal-Mart for $6 that has a makeover planned.

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    I have been eyeing some old chunky frames at Goodwill. I think I may go buy one now and make a chalkboard!

    I love the corkboard one as well….I am wanting one for our kitchen! Great job!

    Fall Blessings,


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    Did you just find Alyssa’s site? Isnt she the most amazing person and her photography!! Oh. MAN. I spent hours, and days pouring over every post. How cool is she?

    I DID NOT know you could paint on the glass!! WOW!! I have a chalk board to hang and and need a corkboard but I have no walls left. I need to move anyway.

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    I cannot understand why anyone spends their hard-earned money on that kinda stuff….your knock-off is an awesome example of how easy (and cheap!) it is to be a copy-cat AND have the satisfaction of seeing your own ‘work’. :o)

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