I can make that!

Why hello all of you all ladies (and gents?) comin’ over from JAG’s I can make that party!

I’m excited to join in this year, even if it is with a teeny tiny simple gift. But sometimes those are what counts right? Right.

I made these last year for the grandparents in the family and they swooned over them. Basically anything my kids make they love- I knew I couldn’t go wrong! So, grab your stash of go-to’s for these types of projects. Paint, brushes, glitter and a big ol’ clear ornament bulb. I don’t know why I left out 90% of that stuff out of the picture. It’s late; hate me.

Last year I used a set of clear bulbs from Hobby Lobby that cost around 5.00 I believe. For party purposes I grabbed a big ol’ plastic one for 1.47. Now, splash some white paint on your little ones hand and smack it on the ornament. It wont be perfect, it’s just like finger painting & when your child is all grown up and you realize that once a long time ago their hand was that small, the imperfections will be priceless. Now, after you wipe their hand off and double check it so they don’t accidentally get it all over your couch go ahead and paint on some itty bitty hats, scarves, eyes and carrot noses. Look at that, a little snowman family!

Don’t you love it? I do! You could go a step further and give each snow man a little more personality to match your family. :) Once it’s all done sprinkle some glitter over it so it can stick in the paint a bit.

Let’s run down the price for this cutie pie.

Ornament 1.50

Paint 3.00 for all colors

Glitter 2.00

Your child’s perfect little present for their Grandparents?


Sorry I had to. :)

Did ya’ll notice my frame in the background? Remember the Boo frame? I stepped it up a notch for the season (well, 75% of the year around here in Michigan). Do you love her? She’s so whimsy and pretty. I adore the fact that it’s not exactly Christmas colors but still screams Christmas. Does that make sense? I think of elves when I see it. Little button-nose elves.

Right.. anyways.. Thanks for comin’ by! Make sure to stop back over to the party and check out the other genius ladies at the party! :)


The Girl Creative


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    i love it, i love it! i am going to do this with my boys! every year we make christmas ornaments for my mom, and grandparents…but i had no ideas for this years ornament…thank you for this great idea:)

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    Oh my goodness, so glad I just clicked on your link from Just A Girl…this is absolutely brilliant!! Presents for grandparents, check and check! Thanks so much!

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    i am a pre-k teacher and i bought clear glass ornaments at the Dollar Tree last year and did not make anything with them…ran out of time. Now i know why!!!! I am making these DARLING SNOWMEN…I haven’t been this excited since???????


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