Jingle bells, Jingle bells..

Ever since I saw this wreath over at Nannygoat, who saw it over at Eddie Ross. I fell in love. I immediately gave up my adoration of fall and ran head on to Christmas. Yes, I skip Thanksgiving– That Holiday and I do not get along. Another post for that mess. So I ran to the Dollar store and got my supplies. I’m pretty sure while I was there, another fellow blogger was doing the same thing. I say this because we both saw the last sleeve of itty bitty red bulbs and do you know what she did? She gave me the stink eye and went for them! Having a little class, I stepped away. When she turned around though, I took them out of her cart and ran. Jokes on her huh?

Kidding. ;)

I grabbed the itty bitty silvers and said some mean words and checked out. The other sites have the tutorials for these and let’s be honest, they’re pretty awesome at it. So check them out in case you don’t want to read this drawn out novel.

Ready? Okay, Grab one of those old metal hangers and bend it into a circle, while unraveling the top so you can scoot those bulbs on. Or, better yet, have your best friend do it cheering her on all along saying “See you CAN craft!” While she’s busy doing that, grab a Dr. Pepper and heat your glue gun up. Start by putting a little rim of glue on each of the ornament tops so that they don’t slide off. Then string them on, rotating back and forth using little ones to fill in the gaps. Easy peasy right?

Then take some big ol satin thin wired ribbon you have in the basement and put her on the front door, Nester style.

Then realize that you can’t shut your storm door because it’s so thick and lovely. Awesome. ;) She’ll find a new home soon.


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    Glad you enjoyed your Dr. Pepper and taught a friend to craft. Mult-tasking at its best :). LOL about the storm door! That’s so something I would do :). I would also ask Hubby if he could take it off just until after the holiday. He’d grumble the whole time, but he’d do it. All that to say, your wreath is beautiful. I love it!

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    It’s as easy as threading the ornaments on a wire hanger shaped into a circle? It can’t be that easy! Yours looks too nice and I just KNOW I’d mess it up! I could try, though. And when I do I can use the ornaments for something else. Your wreath really turned out nice!


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    It turned out beautifully! I am currently in the midst of making the same thing, but my question is how many did you buy/use? I don’t know if I have enough.

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    HAHA! You crack me up!

    I made one last year and love it. Another easy but beautiful project. I love the colors in yours! Great job!

    Thanks for linking the DIY holiday party! :)

    I’ll be back for the giveaway! ;)


  5. Anonymous says

    Why not hang it on your screen door with a standard over the door wreath holder? That’s what I do. Our porch is covered as well and the wreaths/signs are no worse for the wear for having been somewhat exposed to the elements…. The wreath is GORG btw!!

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    It is a good thing you dont live in my neighborhood because you would wake up one morning and it would be hanging on my door!! It turned out fab. I want to do one, but just know mine would end up being punted across the yard because it didnt turn out!!!

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    Beautiful! I was at Dollar Tree first thing Friday buying the ornaments after I saw the wreath on Nannygoat’s blog. LOVE IT! I am going to do all the gluing tonight while my child is alseep. Then tomorrow, she and I will do this project together. And since I don’t have a storm door, I am planning on hanging it right out front for all to see! I can not wait!

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    A) This is why I don’t have storm or screen doors on my new house, despite my love of fresh air

    B) HOW do you get the hanger into a circular shape? Sorry, I only LONG to be creative…

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    I made one of these last year – but I love the texture in yours with the glitter ornaments!! Now I want to make another one! LOL

    Beautiful job!

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    I’m pretty sure you don’t live in Canada, but I too was in the Dollar Store this week, getting my red ornaments. Can’t remember if I gave anyone the stink eye!
    But I totally forgot the tip with the hot glue…hence why I had bulbs popping off left and right!
    Yours looks great!

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    Just hang the wreath on the outside of the storm door. If you don’t have anything to hang it to, Hobby Lobby has some very strong magnet wreath holders to hold a wreath on the outside of glass.

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    Love it!! Maybe I should invite you over so you can ‘show me’, and I’ll just sit back with a Diet Coke! :) Of course I’ll share some with you too. I had fun searching through all of your recent posts {even if I’d already read some of them} to find this little lovely here. I think I’m off to make one today! But……..we don’t have any wire hangers! Where can I get just one? lol

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    I have been loving these wreaths since I starting seeing them last year…I had one on my list for this year but then we up and decided to move at Christmas time…Maybe next year. ;-)

    Yours looks fabulous. Sorry about the “stink-eye blogger.” ;-)


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