Family Rules

So between an entry way redo, shredding (which is a job in itself 20 minutes my butt. Takes me an extra 10 just to get off the floor after each move!) preschool for thing 1. Party planning for thing 2. I decided to tackle this pretty diddy.

Our family rules canvas. They’re all the rage ya know. I had to jump on the bandwagon. It originated with Lindsay’s bff Nicole (with the amazing kitchen and super cute square potty.) I purchased a 28×30 canvas from Michael’s, on sale of course and picked out a ton o’ scrapbook paper that I couldn’t live without. Lately I’m really into blues, don’t tell my husband but I’m secretly craving a blue kitchen. Shhh. Turqouises, mustards, and olive green. What a combo huh? I went with all those and some red because it’s my fav, of course.

Sorry, night time picture.
Wow I make it sound like a science to picking paper.
Okay, it’s true. It is. :)

Matte Mod podge, 10 or so foam brushes (I used 4 because apparently the shred is working and I kept brushing too hard to get the bubblies out and broke them. Whoops. Don’t know my own strength.) paint pens, and a steady patient hand. I painted the sides that will show & cut my paper in strips with different edges and layered them until it filled up the canvas.

They’ll bubble.
I know huh, bummer.

You probably wont get past that downside but I did notice they smoothed out as it dried. It wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. Don’t fret! More bubbles more character I like to say!

Okay, okay. After a couple coats and some drying it’s time to pick your rules and fonts. I went to and looked up which ones I wanted. Nicole printed hers and eye balled them, I didn’t have a printer (gasp!) so I used the preview section of the font and wrote out my rule and eyeballed it from the computer. Or if you have incredibly good handwriting– go solo! :)

I alternated white paint and black paint by the color of the paper, which by fate just happened to go white-black-black-white. That my friends, is a pattern. Love it when things like that happen. Another coat of MP and you’re all set! Hang that baby up and watch your kids follow it to a T.

I should have added no trying on Mommy’s make-up while she’s not looking. Shoot.

Now if I could only pick a set spot on where to hang it!
*The Rules*
Always tell the truth
Don’t go to bed angry
Too much t.v is bad, too much reading is good!
Family comes first, always be there.
Hands are for hugging not for hitting!
Be thankful for what you have.. don’t envy others
Have fun, be kind, ask first, no fussing, no whining
Husband adore her always- Wife love him forever
Sing silly, dance crazy, hug often, snuggle daily
Toys don’t belong on the floor, put them away when done
use your manners- Yes, please. No, thank you.
Use nice words, ignore dirty words
Share everything except bad ideas
Say your prayers, thank God for this family.


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  1. says

    You painted those rules freehand?? Wow, Rachelle! I’m so impressed! This looks awesome. :) And of course everyone should follow the rules perfectly!

  2. says

    Please share your “rules” I love reading all the different ones, but I can’t make them all out.

    It looks great & I can’t wait to make one!

  3. says

    This is great!!!!!! I have been wanting to post some rules for our home but had no idea how to do it craftily. Thanks for the idea. I want to know what your rules are as well. From what you can read from your pic, it looks so poetic.

  4. says

    Oh, I am so stealing this idea! I love it. I love decorating with words and I have been trying to figure out how to incorparate something like that in my bathroom. My bathroom counter looks like scrap booking paper (wierd I know, its a rental). So this will make it look cute rather than dated. Your rock!

  5. says

    Looks great! I keep thinking about making one of these, but I think mine will be more a schedule canvas, since we homeschool and the teens definitely need some more direction!

  6. says

    SOOOO perfect!! Can you make me one identical and then come over and hang it:) pretty pretty please!!

    I have been thinking a lot about your kitchen’s F A M I L Y letters…

  7. says

    It’s adorable. I love your color scheme. I had a problem with bubbles too until I changed my method. I used glue on the canvas and the back of the paper only (no glue on the front), and then used a credit card to smooth it down. After it was completely dry, I went back and lightly mod-podged the top. No bubbles!


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