Keys to my heart

In my attempt to finish the entry way sometime this year I’ve been cramming as much as I possibly can this week while Mr. P is home. Let’s just say it’s a little easier to craft, paint, and hot glue when there’s someone watching the little devils angels while I work. :) Today I worked on this wall.

Tall, and empty are the two words to describe it. Boring would work too. I wanted something cute, nothing too personal since the house is still on the market {ugh!} But something that tugged at my heart strings. Everyone knows I’m a little sentimental about our first home. What’s better than the keys to the house!

Each door in our house has it’s own skeleton key, and since I’ve never had a reason to lock any of the doors in the house I’ve been using them for different things. Santa keys, apothocary fillers, and now art. As you can see I’m running out of keys! :)

Four left, but for this project we’ll only be using three. I like things in threes and the fourth is a little shiny for my liking. At least for this project it is.

Nice and rusty and old. Gorgeous!

To start I purchased 3 12×12 frames at Michaels. They’re usually 9.99 but this week (and almost everytime I see them) they’re 50% off. I liked them because the matte is layered in the frame. Which makes it easy for the key to sit and not bulge out the back.

Other supplies, burlap or another medium for your key to sit on, a glue gun and 10 mintues.

Really, this was probably the fastest project ever! I cut the burlap to fit and glued it.

Making sure to pull it tight so you don’t have a million wrinkles. You could double up on the fabric if you’re using burlap so it’s not so transparent. I for one didn’t have enough to go around, and I just flipped the paper in the frame over so the white shows through (instead of the couple getting married, as lovely as they are). Good enough for this chick!

Then I put a smidgen of glue on the key and pressed her down. That’s the nice part about hot glue if you ever want to change your mind it comes off so easy! Put everything back in the frame and you’re done. Yep, that easy! See, how fast that can go!

The seriously hard part was getting a picture of them on the wall without a glare from the door. So I had to just give in. Forgive me! :) Now one of the the first things I see when I walk into the door, is the pretty (fast, and cheap) art work. I can’t get enough of it!

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    Great project. I love keys too! I may have to “borrow this idea”. I think I can actually find 1/2 hours time next week as my kids won’t be on vacation then!

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    That looks super cute! I did something similar for my house. I will have to post it up when I finish it. I haven’t hung it up. :) Good job. You have a cute blog!

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    Hi ya Rachelle! How are you girl? I saw that you were featured by Just A Girl today and while reading her post, I pulled my husband over to the computer and said “look, that’s what I want to do to our entranceway”. Your home is just so darn gorgeous! It’s been fun reading through your posts. I love what you did with the keys. Love that your doors needed skeleton keys!

    Thanks so much for the follow! I’m now following you too! Have a great weekend! -Mandi

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    Beautiful old skeleton keys. I’ve seen similar things in magazines but these are so much more meaningful since they come from your home. Very, very, very cool.

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    Super cute! I love the old vintage keys. Too bad people are’nt considered worth more and vintage as we get older :) I am going to check out the rest of your blog for other ideas! Keep it up girl! Ps-I wish that I had your entry. “)

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    I have three of those frames in my craft room waiting for something to be done with them. I had just planned to place photos inside, but I love what you did with them! Thanks for the inspiration.

    I love your blog, by the way! :)

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    I’m in LOVE with this…I play with a couple of skeleton keys everytime I go to my favorite antique store. There is something so architectural about them…I may borrow this idea if it’s okay! LOVE it!

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    What a great project! Not only does it feature three beautiful little pieces of your home, but it was fast, simple and turned out absolutely adorable. What more could you ask for?!


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