Spring Fluffing

In the process of adding a little spring our lives, my lovely other half brought these home to me the other day!

I put them in my Spray Painted vase and decided to add a little more spring to it. It was extremely easy, wanna see? I cut the jute twine and ribbon long enough to wrap around and tie in a big enough bow for my liking.

Then I cut a 4ish inch strip of cream burlap and cut it in half so it was super skinny.

You could tie a bow with the burlap but in my silly ol’ mind it would have been to bulky.. See?

So I improvised and I tied the ribbon and jute together around the vase and fluffed with the bow until I liked it. Then I folded and tweaked with the burlap in the back of the ribbon to hold in the shape of a bow. A faux bow, if you will. No bulk and just a hit of that lovely stuff called burlap!

[That color is a little funky..whoops. As you know I’m too lazy to change that. We’ll have to suffer through it together. ;)]
Easy peasy! Then we had a photo shoot in my bedroom.
On my white washed dresser
Needs some texture though huh?


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    {I made a comment just a second ago but got an error message. Sorry for the duplicate comments if it does end up coming through!}

    How sweet of your honey to bring you those! And they look so pretty the way you arranged them. You are so good at adding special touches!

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    It looks FAB!..im lovin it ♥ Ive been on the hunt for pitchers to spray paint and am curious which s/p you used? Did it get all drippy or was it pretty easy peasy?

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