Because everyone else has them..

Remember these forks and spoons that used to hang in your grandparents houses? Okay, (parents) maybe.

I remember them in my Gramp’s house way back when. Now they’re back like wildfire. Or, last year they were. Ha.. Yeah, I vetoed them greatly and said “No, I will not go back to that era.” Then, I’d see them out and about and think.. Aww look at that. Cute! My mind would say no, and then my heart would get mad at me later. You know what happens when things come back in style? The price tag goes up too.

But when these lovelies were at HobLob for 3.00 a pc, I gave in.

Gramps, you’re back in style. Not so much the dark cabinets and mustard colored counter top but your giganto fork and spoon, yes sir!

I just needed to tweak them a bit for my taste. I saw this a *long* time ago which started my– oh, they’re not so bad mentality, and I wish I could tell you who started it. Blogger friend, if you’re reading this: Let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!

Anyways, a spray of some left over white paint and some jute and I’d call it good! How about you? Tell me, love it or leave it on the huge silver wear hanging on your wall topic. Am I silly for giving in? Silly for doing it a year after they came “back”?


Okay, now I know you’re waiting for it.. The winner of the Bella Michele Stamped Jewelry giveaway is…
Pitter patter pitter patter..
Michelle (Weirrrrd.)

I just emailed your contact info to Michele! Thanks so much for entering, everyone!

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