Area rug dilema

I’m in full on living room (Family room/t.v room/ great room) mode right now and I’m trying to cozy it up as cheaply and in the most effective and realistic way that will work for my family. Light carpets aren’t the best choice we’ve ever made in our decorating decisions but at the time I was pregnant with my smallest love bug and the house had broken, falling apart wood flooring. I wanted to get rid of it, and do it fast. I also wanted it to be comfortable and lets be honest, pregnancy hormones make you do crazy things. Off white carpets it was, is.. well now they’re more beige. ;) But I’ve browsed around and decided even though some might hate rugs on carpet, I think it’ll help anchor our sectional area and make the coffee table “float” less. Right now area rugs are on sale like crazy! Pier 1 has some 4×6’s for 59.00, Lowes has some that aren’t as fabulous but are bigger at 5×7 for 25.00! A steal I’d say, when rugs can get pricey and pricey does not work in our house right now.

I’d love to get the prettier one, but it’s smaller. So I needed to measure it and see if I could live with it. Want to see how?

Just like the genius women who paint a poster board and live with it on the wall for easy paint testing I just measured our carpet off with my handy tape measure and taped it off. Smaller 4×6, and a little larger 5×7.

This way I can live with it for a few days and see if the smaller one really will drive me bananas or if the large one really is too large for our teeny tiny living room.

Can’t wait to show you what one we picked!

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