Recipe Round up

*Whoops, someone scheduled this for 11:30 am, instead of PM. Duh, Rachelle..Duh.*
But we’re back in action! Just a tad late, fashionably late if you will. 
Today’s link up is all recipes Woohoo! I am seriously lacking in this department. I like to bake, and I do– just not well. I like to make muffins for breakfast and lunches and some amazingly quick chocolate croissants the lazy man’s way.. 
Notice the technique some dear sweet husband used to try and get the previous burnt cookies off the pan. 
Dear, Calphalon, I’m sorry. 
Um, this is where I would have taken a after picture. I don’t even think they were around long enough for an after picture. Imagine it looked as good as these.. Yum, those are from Joy the Baker– who just got added to my blog favorites thanks to googling chocolate croissants and finding her amazing site. Mmm Thanks, Joy.

My other new go-to for quick breakfasts for the little kidlins, are these egg muffins! I got the recipe here, and she says it much better than me.. But this is what I used… Like my empty milk jug? And, I think Meijer owes me for some serious advertising, do you hear that, Meijer? You..Owe..Me
All that turns into this! 
Which can be frozen, and popped into the microwave for a quick on the go breakfast. My kids LOVE them! 

Now it’s your turn, show us something yummy! Only recipe link ups PLEASE.. It makes me laugh when I write that and then someone evil eye posts something like a t-shirt redo or a fall link up. 
Directions, we have em! 
Okay, ready, set..MAKE ME HUNGRY!

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