Because I can’t stop talking about the thing above my tv.

Okay, ONE MORE I swear…Maybe.. Unless something comes up and I have to talk about it again, but I’m definitely done decorating it– Until after Halloween. :)

Fall is a tricky tricky Holiday to decorate for if you like to sprinkle in some Halloween spookiness. Do you wait till Halloween? Do you decorate before, then change it to spook then back to fall for Thanksgiving? This year I went with a light, bright early fall with my mini-fantel, which you can read about here.

Then I beefed up the fantel here.

And, today– in honor of the Mantel party at Nesters and because Miejer had some adorable bats on sticks as the cashier lovingly called them, I decided to go all out for Halloween. Last year (When apparently I had never taken a picture before..Eek, sorry for the dark blurriness) I went with a brighter color scheme by using more scrapbook papers, which I left out this year for a more white and black theme.

And…This year!

I love it. It’s calm, cool, creepy and vintage– Thanks to the free images printed from the internet and framed.

Love the old photographs of kids in their costumes! Some where mighty scary huh? The pop of the single orange pumpkin really does it for me. I {LOVE} IT. I also sprayed some branches from the yard and added a bit more moss and called it a day. If I wanted to be Miss Perfect I would have made that #7 tag be #13 or #31.. But, I took my perfect crown off and put my lazy hat on. It is what it is.

Want a couple more sneaks?

Pumpkins and a bat photograph.

Eek sign, from last year and a fake pumpkin from Michaels. Sitting on my primed but never painted side table. Gotta keep it real.

Thats it so far! I have one more bin to bring up with lovely creepy things to scatter around the house and thats it! So happy I finished before the 1st, I get a whole month to enjoy my favorite holiday!

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