Newsboy hat Giveaway!

*Giveaway now closed, thank you!*

We’ve had some serious March Madness going on this month with all these giveaways! Love it! However, I sort of…slightly..wish I could join in! :) But, instead of being selfish I’ll share it with my buddies!

The lovely Brandi who owns the new Etsy store BlM Crafts & Creations wanted to offer up a crocheted Newsboy hat! I LOVE newsboy hats. My girls wear them all the time and if I had a little boy, you know he’d rock one too.

How super sweet right!? Brandi said that you can choose the color combo and if you have a boy who wouldn’t appreciate the flower ;) she can leave it off or add a button. LOVE. Think of all the possibilities ya’ll! Gray and Yellow, my recent favorite.. OR red and aqua.. Black and white. So many!

Also, she’s been kind enough to offer up a discount to those of you who can’t wait for the contest to end to go snatch a hat up. Go ahead and use the code FREESHIPFOT for free shipping or (yes two codes! Shhweet!) FOT20OFF 

*Please note that the free shipping offer is for your first purchase only and can not be combined with the 20% off order, but whoop whoop the 20% off code can be used up to two weeks after the contest if you’d like to wait and see if you win first!* 

Brandi is new to the blogging/etsy shop world and we all know what it’s like to be a newbie so lets show her some love, can we?! Especially when she’s sweet enough to make one of you such an awesome hat! Luuucky!
Want to know how to win? 
  1. Leave a comment letting me know which color combo you’ll choose if you win. 
  2. Head on over to Brandi’s blog and follow her. (Here!)
  3. Click on over to her facebook page (here) and *like* her.

*Contest only open to FOTF followers, c’mon you know you want to*
I’ll let choose a winner Thursday March, 24, 2011. :) 
Good luck!

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