Gumball Machine Stand Tutorial

Holy guacamole ya’ll. This is a good one.

We’ve had this old gumball machine on the top of our cabinets for..well about three years now. I wanted a vintage theme up there but that got old fast so it just sat there, alone. Wanting me to fix it up and make it gorgeous. So, this weekend I did.

The moment I saw Lindsay’s gumball machine (filled with goldfish {squeal}) I knew I wanted mine on a stand. But how!?

Case in point. Lowes.

I purchased a single banister rod (At least I think that’s what you call it.. That’s what I call it.) and some small corbels. I also took a crappy cell phone pic. Hey, it is what it is.

I spray painted that sucker and glued the corbels to the bottom using wood glue because it’s what I had on hand. I would have liked to use screws but mine were all too long and they would have hit each other. Oh well. My kids may or may not swing from this so we’ll see how the glue holds up I guess. It wasn’t too expensive so I wouldn’t be super mad if I had to make it again. Once the glue dried I added another coat of paint to the whole thing.

This is when it gets tricky. I bought the round piece of wood from Hobby Lobby to sit the gumball machine on but I wasn’t sure how I would make it stay, kids can be crazy ya know. I didn’t want it to be permanent in case I ever got a wild hair to not have it on a stand. But I didn’t want to just sit it on it knowing full well someone would bump it and boom..crash..cry. So, I opted for heavy duty velcro.

This way it’s good for now, but I always have the option to get it off if I need to. And, better yet. I can get to all the money I’m gonna make from this money maker in our entry way. Cha-ching.

I also thought it looked a little too…new. So I scuffed it up with some distressing ink.

Yes, that’s still that one chip of paint that is hanging in there. For all the “get a mani”, commenters. I know. I’m lazy, true story.

 LOVE. I filled it with Gobstoppers because they’re amazing and I hate gum with a passion. 

I think it’s a little tall though, so I’m gonna chop some off. Er.. have my Father do so when he brings his saw over. I don’t want to risk any un-evenness with my box saw. :) Not a good time. But, all in all.. I think it’s freaking cool as heck.

100000 Points to the person who noticed I painted the entry way again this weekend. Yeah, it’s subtle I suppose but I can totally see a difference. Now onto the trim again (hello, black spillage there) and the ceiling and this room will be done. and done. 

There’s a few ladies I’ll be partying with :)

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