The Playroom

 Aka. Longest post ever. 

Woohoo! It’s time it’s time! I’m finished, and it’s lovely. I’ve been waiting to get this room together for-ev-er it seems and it all started with the ABC prints from Land of Nod.

They’re vintage looking (love) they have great primary colors, good for a boy or a girl room (love) and at 30.00 they’re super reasonable for the set (LOVE) I put them on the long wall to add some length to the room, and to help anchor all the crazy patterns and primary colors I had in mind for accessories. I figured if the BIG pop was on the wall, it would tie everything together. It does.

You know I went out on a limb with the curtains, I still adore them. Modern graphic print and all.

The bins came from Target, I thought about using fabric bins but they were 6.99 a pop and these looked a lot more like vintage locker baskets and they were a buck cheaper. I’m all about saving. The only bad part about them is when the girls throw their ceramic tea set in them, being metal and all.. But um.. My girls wouldn’t do that.. no way. ;)

The crates came from an antique store in my town. They were 5.00 a pop and they’re perfect for books, the coloring accessories and a little stuffed animal or two. I thought the room needed a little height to balance out the long Target shelf, and the Land of Nod cards, so the crates seemed like a great bookshelf, I have another crate but I’m living with just two for now, I like the third for the height but then the lamp was way too high up there. Ah, whatev.

The closet is one of my favorite parts of the room! It’s teeny tiny so even when it was little lovies room there wasn’t much she could do with it. But it’s PERFECT for a dress up closet! Their collection is still growing so everything fits for now. I also picked up two 10.00 shelves from Target (sensing a theme here?) and stacked them for a little built in love. Some dollar store baskets and dress up shoes and it’s just right. I used a white twin flat sheet that I had (the girls don’t use them) as a little door, for some flair, the lovely tie backs. Whoop whoop, a little more tiles in grass love.

A little yellow clock for some charm- Target 3.99

PLAY letters, you remember those..right?

The table and chairs are from Ikea (Kritter set) and the rug is two 3×4 rugs from Target. I didn’t want to spend 100.00 on a rug that may or may not get ruined by crayon, paint etc.. so I picked up these two for 12.00 pc good enough for me.

The chair and I… are an issue. I had a moment of ghettoness last year and picked up a GREAT wicker chair on the side of the road. Yeah I know, don’t judge. It was free..and huge..and loverly. But, I couldn’t get the paint to stick to that sucker for the life of me. I think maybe the wood was rotting. Which makes me sad. Don’t tell me how I could fix it now, it’s already trashed. For now, I have an extra dining room chair in here until I find something else I like. Boo, I know.

The awesome canvas came from Easy Canvas prints and you’ll be hearing about them soon! I paired it with some prints that the lovely Jen Badalamenti took last fall. The colors were perfect for the space. I used a few free printables and some more letters from Hob Lob and we have quite the gallery wall.

Another few details that I’m crazy about…

The ceiling fan all jazzed up.

Lamp Target (duh.) with some teal and green ribbon on the shade.

Random Jars with pretty vintage fillers (Blocks, Scrabble tiles, game pieces)

Perfect Pillows all from Etsy shops. I love the mix of colors and patterns with them. They work, at least I think they do. I’m 90% crazy though..10% genius. ;)

So.. there you have it. Any questions go ahead and leave it in the comments and I’ll try to answer it as best I can. Oh, and no.. Target didn’t ask me to buy their entire store but.. if they choose to ask me. I totally plan on taking them up on it. Just to forewarn you. :)

Oh! And, the ceiling isn’t totally done. But, for “promise to post about it” purposes, I showed it off anyway. We plan on adding a faux crown molding trim so there isn’t a line of paint separating the wall color and the ceiling. Silly ol’ round walls.
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