Feature yourself Friday!

I almost forgot it was Thursday! Goodness gracious this short week has me all upside down & turned around. But I remembered just in time, whew! 
Oh– Don’t forget the Creativity for Kids giveaway (with two winners woohoo!) is still on until SUNDAY!

Can’t go wrong with some Crayola art.

Or some cookies.. wait no, I’m dieting. Hush now. ;)

I’ve got teacher gifts on the brain tonight, can you tell?

Loving loving loving this rug. I wish our porch was covered so I could do something similar.

Painted shoes? Yes please.

Alright, time to get this party started. I’m off to watch the rest of Toy Story 3, which by the way that ending– in the garbage when they all hold on for dear life.. Yup gets me every time.

Have fun! Party hard!


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