Summer To Do List

 So, everyone has these pretty Summer to-do lists nowadays, I know this. And we even have a handy dandy “summer in a jar” that we use for surprise ideas on what we’re going to do for the day. But I was kind of itching to make a big list. I had something pretty in my head and I figured, well we’ll use the jar on special days and have the list to check things off. Perfect

So I dragged out a collage frame we had in storage (We took all the personal photos down when we put our house on the market and I’ve been too lazy to get them all back out. Such a bum.) And used a bunch of 50% off sheets of scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. Then I cut them in random sizes of strips. I love me some random, takes the pressure off of being perfect all the time. ;)

From the back I taped the papers together so that they would lay nicely and then taped around the sides so it’s not flapping all over the place when you go to turn it over and you cuss at it a few times. Not that I did of course, just watching out for you. ;)

 Seriously, try and take a picture of glass without a reflection. Torture.

 Like my pretty song I wrote for Mr. Fingerprints? Someone practiced her spelling by copying it. I die.

Now it looked pretty enough like this. It really did, but I wanted some kind of title on it and for the life of me couldn’t figure out how to do it on picnik without it looking like crap. So I searched the free printables from TipJunkie and found this beaut, from The Rubber Punkin. So cute! Printed that sucker out and trimmed it to fit nicely and backed it with some more scrap paper.

Gosh I love this thing. It’s so bright and colorful and out of my comfort zone of whites and neutrals. Ha! The hard part is making sure the girls don’t wipe it off every 5 minutes. Since it is within reach and everything, and I know it’s so tempting. ;)


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How about you? Have you made a summer list lately? Leave it in the comments so we can come see!

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