Feature yourself Friday!

Hello friends. :)

I’m still in awe of all of your compassion and love you’re sending my way. Slowly but surely I’m starting to smile again. It’s a tough road either way, and I have faith that whatever the outcome is the one that’s meant to be. Out of my control.

But, let’s not be sad tonight. It’s Friday for goodness sakes (well.. almost..) And, we need a little fun around this place.

My baby girl is turning 6 next week.. can you believe it? Me either.. So party planning is in my future. Love this nautical theme.


Anything in a jar is amazing.. pie is no exception.

Love the Anthro Knock off 

Uh holla.. Chevron printable template.

Love it ladies. You never fail to impress and you definitely save my sanity when I can’t sleep at night.. 500+ links to the best of what’s going on in blog land? Yes please.

Alright, now it’s your turn. Party on peeps.

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