Feature yourself Friday!

Talk about losing track of time.

It’s FRIDAY? When did that roll around? I had a meeting last night at 8 so by the time I got home and crashed, 10 pm Feature Yourself Friday was a dream floating around in my head, as I was snooooozing. Then my lovely children slept until 11 this morning. I think they knew their mama needed some beauty sleep.

I feel refreshed.

Well sort of. When I get too much sleep I feel way more groggy. Does that happen to you? I got the sleep cycle app on my phone because I’ve heard good things but I’ve yet to try it. It’s kind of magical and wakes you up when you WONT be tired and groggy.

This just went to no-where land didn’t it?

Want some more randoms?

Talk about twins right? And, when did this child get so big? Um.. she’s supposed to be 3 not 13.

This little gal is a pirate. Can you tell? I don’t know what says pirate more, the eye patch, tattoo or flowered dress.
But, she does get 100 points for popping out her sunglasses lens and using a headband to fashion a eye patch. Atta girl. How can I be mad about broken sunglasses when you use mad DIY skills to use your imagination? Awesomesauce, baby.
Okie dokie.. time for me to wake up, and you all can party hard. Sound good? :) 

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