Feature yourself Friday!

First off the winner of the Word Whipped giveaway is #46 The Clayborn Family
So thankful to wonderful sponsors and friends who want to host giveaways! We have another good one coming up soon! :)
I put a little shout out on facebook, but because of the lack of…er..blogging on my part I’d love it if a few of you would be interested in Guest Blogging!
I’m just not ready to come back full time right now.
Instead I stalk pinterest for things that make me think..and smile..and cry.

Boo. I know.
But I don’t want the blog to come to an end. While I take my little sanity vacation I’d love to have some fun posts, so if you’re interested email me at {fotfblog@aol.com} and we’ll hook somethin up! 
Let’s get to the party shall we? We shall.
Rock on, buddies! 

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