Feature Yourself Friday

Hey ya’ll.

It’s baaaack

Did you say it in your head like in the Poltergeist? I sure did. Anyway I’m so glad to be back to share some awesome Feature Yourself Friday with you. :) It was a much needed break but I’m happy to be back to partying that’s for sure!

Since it’s been so long I don’t have any past features to share but..let’s see what I have on the computer that’s some eye candy..

My recent library chic mantel..er..fantel.

This little chick started preschool..Gosh she’s cute.

My first grader’s best friend started kindy this year.. She’s super excited to have her be in the same school and sent this in the first day. be still my heart, it’s too cute

Want to see just how cute they are? Here’s a fuzzy iphone picture of them dancing and the best friend’s parent’s wedding. The older girls have some moves, seriously but look at little miss and her boyfriend…Oh my gosh. I die.

Sleeping buddies.

Okay enough cute for the night, I wouldn’t want you to get a cavity or anything ;) Let’s party on! You know the rules..link up..be nice..visit..comment..have fun.

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