Feature Yourself Friday

Oy! Sometimes I forget which day is which, I woke up thinking “Oh Thursday, why can’t you be Friday!?” Guess what? It was.

Halloween must have just did me in haha, I’m losing my mind! :)
But it was fun, and worth it to see these little pirates have fun

So I apologize for the mishap. How about a peace offering and I’ll announce the winner of the
Mi Line Jewelry Design giveaway?
#89 Jen! Check your email lucky lady! 
For the rest of you, the Scentsy Giveaway is still going on! Woohoo! There’s also a party where you can go purchase some goodies if you can’t wait to see if you win or not, plus it gets ya a few extra entries. Bo-nus.

So how about we get this party started?

You know the rules! Party hard, have fun. You guys are pros at this I don’t know why I have to remind you. ;)

And, then I broke linky tools! So sorry ladies. Today is obviously not my day. Lets try this again. 

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