Christmas ideas part..ONE.

So I thought it would be fun to do a little series on Christmas gifts. I was going to start with a sponsor-ified one but then, the Heavens alined and  Nester is doing a favorite things linky so, let’s go with my favorite gifts first, yes? Yes.


These pants.

I first read about them on a Mommy-type message board and everyone raved over them. I didn’t order them but I thought about it, you betcha–But I’m cheap. ha.

One day while browsing Targets clearance though, I got lucky and found a pair for 3.00 or something ridiculous. Then I was hooked, they’re seriously like silk. I got over my cheapness and bought a few more pairs at regular price, which okay– it’s not a bad price at all but when I wasn’t sure if I loved them.. well you know. I bought some for my cousin for her birthday last year and she said the same thing.

They’re HEAVEN on your tush.
There I said it.
You will too.


I finally kicked my nail biting habit, for now. And, I’m definitely digging being able to paint my nails. I’ve been changing them weekly and right now, I have *two* favorites for neutrals. They’re just too pretty not to love right?


I get the Essie colors at Target and the OPI at the salon. I also saw those cool nail sticker things and I could be wrong but I think they’re one of my BFF’sfavorite things. Maybe she’ll chime in for us and tell us how they work!


I have horrible skin. Okay, let’s get that out there. It’s bad. It used to be really oily and then I had babies and they both sucked the nutrients out of my body ;) And, now? It’s dry as hell okay. Like, flaky by the end of the day. GROSS. So, I think it was Kandee Johnson who told me (Yes just me.. Okay no, it was on a video, she told everyone. We’re not bffs……yet) to get this stuff.

Hello soft skin, I’ve missed you!


Oh oh oh.. One more!

This movie.

Oh my gosh ya’ll. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who didn’t like it but I could watch it 100 times. Maybe more. I love it. It’s probably on the pricier side for a favorite things party (which, btdubs is an AWESOME idea) but I’ve seen these on Amazon for cheap. So you could get them for 5 people and it wouldn’t be too horribly expensive. Ryan wants you to, okay? Try and tell him no.

So there you go. Some fun, affordable things that I can promise you, you’ll love. And your gift recipient will love too. If they don’t you can cuss me out, but it wont happen. Pinky swear! I’ll be back later with a sponsor-themed gift guide. Can’t wait. Totes in the Christmas spirit I am.


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    Hi there, I’m the blogger from which the picture of “bubble bath” was taken. Please give me credit for the photo, as it is not yours, and those are my fingers in the picture! I have no problem with you using it, I just want to be credited. Thanks in advance!


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