Feature Yourself Friday

Hello! Sorry about those who went to the card swap thinking it was FYF.. Whoops! If you’re interested in joining the group card swap, check it out here! If you’re here for Feature Yourself Friday, well you’re in luck. Because it’s back and ready to party hardy.

First off did you have a good Thanksgiving? We did! It was a giant family affair and lovely.

But, to be honest I’m ready for Christmas. I love the holiday season..

I tried to put my tree up and throw in some blue and green decor but I just couldn’t do it. I love peacock colors when it comes to Christmas but it just wasn’t me. I think I have an awesome alternative though to the basic Christmas colors though but still cozy.. I’m so excited to show you!

For now though, let’s get right into the party since we’ve had what? Two weeks off. For shame!

Party on peeps!

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