Feature Yourself Friday


It’s time for another round of Feature Yourself Friday.. Woo-to-the-hoo. :) But before that, a little business shall we? We shall.

If you didn’t check out my post yesterday, I opened the shop for the weekend for some holiday cheer. If you’re looking for a little something to add to your wardrobe, check it!

Also if you check out the Smell a bella facebook you’ll notice they’re having a giveaway! Yess! I love giveaways! So much so that you can check out her giveaway on facebook and check back here this weekend for another treat. :)

Speaking of giveaways.. The Bellabyte 25.00 shop credit giveaway is still up and running! Great time to win something for yourself or for someone you looove I’m a fan. Big fan. Cute stuff. Trust!

Now on to some eye candy.

Definitely digging these linen and lace trees.

I tend to stay up late at night getting lost watching youtube make-up videos. That’s a little tidbit for you, I’m obsessed with make-up. Okay, obsessed is a bit much. I enjoy make up. And, I love hearing what other women use.

Look at this cute winter wreath! Love that it’s something you can keep up until feb.. or June in Michigan’s case.

*Gasp*Speaking of Michigan..You know..the Mitten. Um, Wisconsin? ‘Sup bro, what are you doing here?

Anyway, now that I went totally off topic, and probably offended a few.. ;) Just in good fun.

Easy frame re-do.

Love me some yarn balls.

Okay time to party yes?

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