Feature Yourself Friday!

Whew! It’s been a minute hasn’t it?


Christmas kind of took over, plus Miss. Rachelle got a new job. I know, I know. Crazy. As much as I love staying home with the girls and being the manager of the house.. it was time. I’ll tell you all about it this week. :)

Hum..Hum..Hum.. what else what else? I did a little 2011 review and if you feel like browsing through the archives with me, it’s a nice ride down memory lane!

In sponsor news.. The winner of the Bellabyte 25.00 shop credit is… 
18. Monsters33 said… I liked Bellabyte on facebook.  

The MiaBella giveaway is going to be open for another week because of the holiday and what not so GO SIGN UP and win some scenty goodness. 

And, if you have some Christmas cash you have (thanks Mom!) check out TinkerBboutique.. She’s got an awesome deal going on for 30% off if you use the code FAM30! LOVE her necklaces, she joined in our Birthday giveaway extravvvaaaganza and was a huge hit. Check it, yo.

Okay okay! On with the party! Since it’s been so long since the last party and because I already wrote a mile long post.. ;) We’ll just jump right in, what have you been working on? What are you gonna feature tonight?! Let us see!

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