Master Bedroom Faux Wallpaper

Whew! I’m back with a lil’ somthin somthin for the bedroom. Thanks so much for the kind words y’all. It’s definitely still a project that is taking forever, I could finish it quicker but I’m a little slowly but steadily going on this one.. Here’s my latest sneak peek (A long with the sign you saw on our Valentine’s day Mantel. Love that sucker! I’ll do a tutorial soon if you want? Maybe?)

It most definitely wasn’t my genius idea.. You can thank Ms. Emily for that! She completed the whole ROOM! Whoa.

That girl has some willpower. I started to cuss about half way through my one tiny wall. :)

Anyway, you can check out her tutorial here since she did such a great job of explaining it I wont steal that thunder. But a few tips I learned along the way with mine..

Don’t draw so dark with the pencil. You’ll be happier later for lighter lines to cover, less coats. :)

For the first coat I used some old cheap paint we had lying around and it would have been much easier and quicker to use a better quality paint. Even though it’s a small amount that you use, the thickness was something I didn’t account for. Cheaper thinner paint = more coats = frustrated Rachelle. The second coat I used better paint and you could tell the difference. Oh well, live and learn.

DON’T QUIT. Seriously, when you’re so close to being done and just over the whole thing, keep on chugging. It’s like exercising for me, I’m all ready to go at first then over it within a week. But, it’s worth it in the end. :) Or at least I’m telling myself that, give me another hour and it’ll be DONE-ZO.


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