Excuse the dust around here.. :)

Things are changing around here! Excuse the dust while the amazing Miss Jessica from Southtown Creative works her magic. I took the WP jump and I’ll say, it <i>is</i> quite the learning curve. I’m not quite sure how I even found how to post. I think I blacked out.


Anyway, if you’re reading this through your email or from a reader why don’t you hop on over and give me some input! I think it’s fresh and new, and a starting point for good things to come. As for me, right now I’ll be hiding behind the computer trying to learn what the heck I’m doing now. I feel like a new blogger, ah! ;)


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    I have been DYING to see your new WP design! I kept checking to see if it was live and then I saw your FB post today……..wooo hoo! Looks great! :) I’m jealous! lol Makes me want to switch. Your designer did a great job. :) Enjoy the new look! xoxo

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