Back to School Mantel

I shared this post over at Tatertots and Jello last week and I thought it’d be fun to share here as well. :) Enjoy!

Kicking off the end of summer-hello school I decided to fancy up our mantel a bit.

First it started off with the white frame I used in our Summer “Pure Michigan” Mantel. I wanted to use it for a chalkboard but didn’t want to deal with making the chalkboard. So, I picked up a 1.49 piece of black poster board over at Target and the sharpie paint pen and went to work.


A little Dr. Suess can fix anyone’s mood.

A few boxes of pencils and rulers (which we’ll gift to the school when we’re done with the mantel, who needs 15 rulers unless you’re a teacher? Wait, don’t answer that. Crafters do get crazy sometimes. ;) ha ha!)

I wanted a red apple but wally world was fresh out. Of course, the only time you need a fake apple they’re out of the color you want. I snatched up the last green one though. Is there a fake apple shortage I haven’t heard about?

Some books, blocks, scrabble tiles and a few framed flash cards one from a new set we bought for chloe and one that I took off our Playroom wall and we were all set! I’m loving the feel it gives to the room. It’s a little cheesy, yeah. But, it gets everyone in the mood for school. Plus it’s an excuse to play around with a new mantel theme. I can always do spring, summer, fall, halloween etc. But there’s only a short period of time I can do school themed and have the kids still like it and not moan and groan to not remind them of what’s to come! :)



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