Feature Yourself Friday

It’s baaaackk.


The hiatus went on long enough I think. Plus schools almost back in session, work will start to simmer down (August is our crazy, pull your hair out busy time) I can have time to breathe let alone check out some fun links. :) So.. ’tis back. Welcome. If you’re new to FYF then basically, it’s what the name states. Time to Feature Yourself. Share your favorite projects of the week.. Something you’re proud of. Because if you’re a big blog or small, you still have something awesome to bring to the big bloggin’ table.




Does everyone else think of couples retreat when they say that? I do. My husband says it at least 30 times a day, so it’s hard not to.

There’s a few baby-making yoga poses in this clip. So, maybe don’t click on it when you have little eyes on the room. Just made me giggle.. okay, laugh out loud. Big time.

Anyway, since it’s been so long I thought I’d share a few fun features from my other favorite place on in inter-webz. Pinterest.




So cool. Be sure to check out the sites with those.. Lots of good ideas out there.

Also, if you’d like to follow along with my pinning.. I’m FOTFBlog.. Some randoms.. Sometimes indications on what we’re working on.. Sometimes you can just tell if I’m really pms-y and pinning lots of chocolate and sad quotes. Good times to be had by all.

Now, it’s time. Party on people..part-ay on.


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