Cowhide Bench

Let’s start this off by stating the obvious. I did not take enough photos for this, because I originally didn’t plan on this being blog-worthy. I mean, how many tutorials for recovering a bench can you handle? There’s a lot out there.

But, I did want to show off this little nod to whimsy that we threw together the other night. You see, I’ve had this bench since I was a tween. It matches our dresser in our bedroom and the vanity that is currently held up in the garage. Sad story, I know.

Even though we don’t have enough room for a vanity right now we can always use seating right? Truth. Back to the story, it’s been a really funky gold color, some zebra print and then red toile and did a little 180 back to the animal hide.

Vintage pictures right there.

It’s funky, that’s for sure. It’s not everyone’s style. It’s a little tacky. A lot tacky? Ha! But I like it. Remember, I’m trying to branch out, deep breaths and baby steps. Plus the blue is really pretty. Don’t ask me for a color, I just threw some sample pots I used to test out blue cabinets in the kitchen (no!) and some acrylic paints I had around. So it ’twas a really flat finish, and I kind of liked it but you know that would chip off in 30 seconds with kids around so I sprayed a few coats of matte clear coat and called it good.

I’m a little sad I didn’t put a noise maker in it that said “Moo” when you sit on it.

Next time.



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