Feature Yourself Friday

Happy Friday peeps!

Almost Friday, if you’re reading this late Thursday night.. A girl can dream right? So so ready for the weekend!

We’re still working through some tweeks over on the blog, in case you haven’t noticed. I’ve been working on the Top Projects page for about a year now. It’s funny, going through my blog and I say “I forgot I even did that!” So you can check that out, some of the links might not be working but that’s because I’m trying to find them, haha. Oh wordpress, you’re so silly.. Hiding things from me.

Also, a few have mentioned that you aren’t getting my feeds anymore. Boo! My fairy god mother, Jessica has been so patient with me and dealing with all my questions..over and over.. She worked on it a bit and it should be working again. Whew, I’d hate to lose you.

and, you and you and you.

Also, if you are reading through a reader you’ll notice that I had to start truncating posts. Well, I hate to do that, I really do. But honestly there’s some really mean people in the world who like to steal. That’s all I’ll say about the subject, besides I’m sorry for the people it bugs. Trust me, I’m one of them.

What am I the barer of bad news or what? This is awkward.

Let’s talk about more fun things.

If you take a look on the sidebar you’ll see some fresh new faces. Those sponsors right there are the bomb dot com and I plan on having Sponsor Saturday come back, because everyone could use a little online shopping on Saturdays, couldn’t they? If you have a blog or a handmade shop you’d like to promote it’s just in time for those who are just starting their Christmas shopping! Email me for rates, specials and even giveaway opportunities! :) Fun times.

Okay, enough biz- Time to party.


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    I recently started truncating my posts too even though it always annoyed me with other blogs. My blog is very photo intensive and it would take forever for the page to load so I figured that might be more annoying to readers than having to click to read more. Thanks for hosting!

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    Thanks for hosting another great party! You mentioned using WordPress. Do you like it? Was it worth it? I’m considering moving from Blogger for the obvious reasons, but I don’t want to go through the hassles alone or blind. :)


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