Halloween Mantel 2012

Didn’t we just have the 4th of July? Sometimes I swear life goes by so fast I can barely blink and next thing you know it’ll be snowing.

However, with fall and halloween I’m a little more excited for the change. I have a lot of fun making my house spooky and enjoying scary movie marathons. I tend to go with what I know and barely tweaked the mantel this year. I did take out the orange and put in some green but I’m kind of doubting it. The whole “poison apple” isn’t exactly screaming uh..poison apple. I might switch it out for a pumpkin or two like last years.


If it aint broke, don’t fix it they say.

Last years..

I’m definitely digging the spiders though, since I have pounds and pounds of web left from Home Seasons I’m finding different ways to put it to use. :) You can see that I put some scrapbook paper on a few books, just for another pop of green. I like the little witch on top.

The skulls were a nice touch too.

Oh! And, the bats on sticks. haha, every year I get more and more comments just on those than I do anything else. They’re from our local grocery store of all places! Meijer. I think they had witches too, they’re a few years old but I saw them last year there too. They would probably be pretty easy to recreate as well. Some candle sticks, dowel rods and bats painted black. Boom. Done!

If you aren’t quite there yet with the Halloween decor and you’re interested in some fall decorating, I did some of that last year too. I guess I wasn’t in a rush for the gore like I was this year ha.. The pictures link to the photos, if you’d like to see what made me decide a bunch of empty frames screamed autumn.

For more fall goodies check out the top projects page, I completely forgot about the Williams Sonoma wreath until I was putting together that page. Ohh the joys of blogging, it reminds you of all the cool junk you made in the past! ha ha.

Happy Fall y’all.


I’ll be linking up with CentsationalGirl as well for her Autumn Mantels party.



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