Feature Yourself Friday {And, a giveaway!}

Two fun things are happening today people..TWO!

First, of course it’s Feature Yourself Friday when you get to take the time and feature what makes *YOU* awesome. Is it a craft? A recipe? Something new and exciting I’ve never even heard of? ;) I want to see it. We want to see it. Show it off, sister! (Or mister)

And, another trick or treat for today is that the wonderful people from Appliances Online are back with another gift card for one lucky winner! Yup! One lucky link-er upper is going to get a free $30.00 amazon voucher! So fun.

If you don’t remember Appliances Online they are the largest online appliance retailer in the UK, with appliances from all the major brands. They also offer 7 day delivery and a 10 day no fuss return policy. Cool huh? Yes.

I also hear that they’re launching a lifestyle blog soon.. ;)

Want to know how you can win? Simply add this tagline to the bottom of your post that you link up to Feature Yourself Friday. This is really important in order for you to win, the link must be in the bottom of your post.

My entry into Feature Yourself Friday sponsored by Appliances Online.

If you don’t want to add it, no problem! You can still join the linky party no worries there!

If you do add the link to your post make sure you leave a comment so we know it’s there! :)

So, party on people!

This post is sponsored by Appliances Online, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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