Feature Yourself Friday


 Did you know this is the 96th FYF to date? Seriously people, that’s crazy! We should have a big ol’ party for number 100. :)

In other news, I’ve been gone for what–10 days?! I know. I’m having a case of the blahs and when I get the blahs I spend too much time painting furniture and watching Sons of Anarchy apparently. I did however, have a stranger come up to me and tell me I had beautiful hair. Which, has never been said before– beautiful dimples? Sure. Eyes? All the time. Hair? Let me tell you something about my hair. I have what I like to call, bad hair. You might have heard of it? Well, yeah it’s not my strong suit. It’s thin, dangerously thin. I think my Dad cursed me when I was an only child and told me I’d be bald like him some day. Thanks Dad, really. It’s also fried to a crisp, my fault my fault I know. I’m indecisive about color. Hate me. And, have I mentioned all my new growth is GRAY? Wild crazy gray. Sigh..So, there wasn’t much more to the story besides I thought my case of the blahs was fixed by that dear old lady. No worries, later a little boy told me I had a weird name.

I see what you did there, world.

Anyway– You know that feeling you get when there’s just too much stuff. Not physically, mentally too. Too much stuff to do. Too much bad on my mind. Too much worries. Too many too do lists. Too many deadlines. It flows into my house, too much crap! I’ve been taking trips to goodwill thinking every car load will make me feel better. You know, I’ll wonder what I did with that 26th gold frame with the cracked glass.. Because someday I could use that! Too much second guessing, clearly. ;)

I feel like, I’m striving for something, I’m just not sure of what it is yet. I’ll let you know. Until then, let’s move on to happier things.. Since someone likes to be a Debby downer at the party *cough cough*

What other creative things have been happening around Ye olde blog land..

Crazy cool screen door. I want one!


 If I didn’t take all my Halloween decor down in a ‘Too much stuff in this house’ fit.. I would have totally made this. It rocks my {witches} socks.


Beautiful centerpieces..just gorg.



So how about you show off your stuff (since clearly mine wont be shown tonight haha) and we’ll get this party started!


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    Glad you are back! I hate having the blues like that. Do you exercise? That could help. Now I’m NOT SAYING you need to exercise..just telling you what has been working for my blahs. xoxo

    Susie @Bowdabra

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    i have the same hair problems as you, except mine is an awkward grey no colour in real life ((i’m 23)) and i look bald when it starts to grow in, that’s how light and stupid it is.
    the dimples i’m jealous of – and i do the same thing when i get the blahs, just exchange Primeval for SoA.
    hope your day/week is better!:0)


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