Feature Yourself Friday

Hello peeps!

I’m so glad you’re here! It’s that time of week again where we come together and party like it’s ’99

First off– how was your week? I mean, it was pretty normal.. except for some election thing I kept hearing about?

Ha.. Kidding.

Let us just add some humor into a situation where people either are really happy or super pissed.

Excuse my french.

I think something we can agree on is, it’s pretty awesome to have the right to vote. Can I get an Amen?

PTL. Amen.

This chick was pretty happy about it..

And, now with a lot less political commercials going on I can enjoy my trashy t.v in peace, and just wait and see what happens!

So.. November huh? That kind of shhnuck up right in there. One month and two weeks or so until Christmas? Seriously? It can not be. I keep telling myself I WILL be prepared this year I WILL! But, we all know what will really happen.. don’t we?

Hey did you know we had a giveaway a few Fridays ago? We did. And, ‘ze winner is..


Boom, girl. Check your inbox.

Thanks to the lovely peeps at Appliances Online for sponsoring it. They kind of rock– big time.

In case you missed me around the social web this week.. We did a little sprucing in the playroom..

And, spent a lot of time on Pinterest.. *Say it with me.. we will finish those gifts we will*


I’ve been trying to pin a whole slew of things in my Create Board, if you’re interested in a little Handmade Gift makin’

And, of course– Chatting it up on Facebook and Instagram (Fotfblog) if you’re into those. Check it out.

Let’s just party shall we?