This Christmas

Apparently I’m on a Christmas kick. ;) It’s true. It’s barely November and I’ve been bitten by the Christmas bug.

But I’ve been dealing with this strange feeling lately in regards to our home, and what I want it to become, or rather what I want my home to give people.

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I want it to be cozy.

I want it to be warm. Not just thanks to gigantic Consumers Energy bills– but you walk in and it’s not stark white and sterile. (Shocker I know. Maybe it’s time to commit me?)

I want it to be less cluttered. Meaning, if I bring it into this house I better damn well love it. Do you know how many times I’ve thought to myself I should buy a bowl of –enter some filler piece here– only to find it in the basement a month later. So now I have two boxes of.. well, clutter.

I want friends to come over and feel comfortable enough to sit on the couch and not worry they’ll dirty the white.

I want to be able to be peaceful enough in my home to not feel the need to -go-go-go all weekend and then feel like I wasn’t home at all.

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To me all that boils down to is Warm. But then again I mention it to my husband and he replies..

But I thought you liked white?

Oh, lord Jesus.. Thank you for that man. ;)

Maybe it’s crazy, I don’t know. Maybe I’m a little feverish that’s all. But now that we’ve taken a long detour away from the original post, let’s bounce back.

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Previous years I’ve spent *HOURS* planning my Christmas decor. It’s what I love to do so why not right? But then I get so worried about it being so perfect everyone around me is worried they’ll mess it up! That’s not comfortable. Heck I live with two children under 8, they need some magic in their lives. I only get them for a short period of their lives and I want to make it special. Not the whole buy them a million toys they’ll forget about the next day but the real Christmas season magic. The countdown (Yes we do the whole Santa gig. Including Christopher the Elf– different strokes, ya know) to the big guy in red. Putting up the nativity (We do that too). The hot chocolate. The peppermint. Making the Christmas boxes to send to kids who wouldn’t otherwise have a Christmas. Giving..Loving..Snuggling..The things that make MEMORIES. I remember always getting Cokes in the glass bottles when I was little, but you know when we got them? December. So I correlate them with Christmas. I want to make the traditions now that they’ll remember forever. I highly doubt they’ll remember the year Mom decorated the whole house is peacock blue and green only to take it all down and do it again the next day (2011 Christmas.. I know..I know I’m working on it.) but they’ll remember that we ALWAYS watch a Christmas themed movie on Saturdays in November and December for family movie night. They’ll remember gingerbread houses. They’ll remember the lights. The snowmen. Their family.

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Less toys.

More memories.

Less perfect.

More inviting.

Goals, I have them.

Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas…Means a little bit more- The Grinch

*Disclaimer– Clearly I this doesn’t mean we’ll be skipping the tree this year and all the beautiful decor, no. I do that because I love it. But I’m going to tone it down. Maybe I wont have the blogworlds most beautiful tree but I’ll have kids who remember helping me with it. And, for right now. That’s a-okay. I will however, drool over all of yours. ;) *


  1. Amy says

    Awesome – I couldn’t agree more. My 10 and 17 year old (boy and girl) both told me this weekend that they really dislike the white lights I insist upon. And my tree is boring – although it’s really pretty. Kinda made me step back and re-evaluate what we are doing this year. I guess I can have a “really pretty” tree when they are grown. btw….love Christmas movie night. I’m breaking out Annabelle’s Wish this weekend!

  2. amy says

    Awesome! And that is what Christmas is all about.

    Amy, growing up my mom used colored lights and I always wanted to have white lights on my tree ; )

  3. says

    I love this post. I am so stressed out with my bedroom re-do right now, planning our trip back to Michigan, ending this semester of school, and being busy with life… I was stressed that I was the only blogger not blogging about my christmas decor, but you just made me feel like I was normal. It’s not about the perfect Christmas decor, it’s about spending time with family & friends & enjoying the moment… Thank you for this.. after a stressful day you just made me feel 10 times better!! xx Liz Marie

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