And, then it was the Christmas Season

Welp. Thanksgiving has come and gone. I’m 10 pounds heavier and my house is 10 pounds lighter of anything orange, brown and yellow. Welcome, Christmas. I intend to get my fill for the next 30 days er, so.

Since I’m trying not to stress.. and just make it magical and all. (A lot harder than I thought.) I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite handmade giftsies I’ve found on the world wide web. Enjoy!

I’ve been thinking about making a tent for the girls. Or, well.. actually buying the fabric and begging my Mother to help me sew it.

This one is MAGICAL.


Found on Pinterest..the furthest back I could source it is here.

I’m pretty sure I know two Mothers that would enjoy this. I’m not saying any names.. But I’m sure you know some as well. That Nester, she’s so clever.

Rainbows! These have got to be the coolest wooden spoons I’ve ever seen. For.Real. And, it’s totally simple. I’ve also seen them done on silverware found at the thrift store. Basically, put some paint on it people. Think about it.

Lace Crowns. You’ve got to be kidding me. So freaking cute. Santa needs to bring these, stat.

There’s a few ideas for you folks. Of course, I’ll be sharing some more throughout the month so keep an eye out. And, if you’re going to pin it- pin it from the source please! :)

Psst.. Did you see I opened up a Holiday Gift Guide? I shared a few of my favorite handmade stores and a few things from Amazon that keep popping up in my wishlist. :) There’s also a link up over there if you have an Etsy site or Shop. Enjoy!



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    That’s a good idea. I’ve seen adults do that for their own bed. it makes it more private, like they’re locked away in a more intimate setting even within the privacy of their bedroom. it also is a lot more exotic. It’s a great way to transform a space.

    I think kids will like the adventure of having their own tent. It beats going outside in the cold, especially during this season. They can use flashlights and even sneak snacks in if they’re meticulous about cleaning up afterwards. Otherwise, they will experience the consequences. I’m certain ants will find them indoors and bite those fingers and toes if they leave bits of cheese snacks in the area.

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