Weekend Hap’ns

Sometimes I worry I don’t have anything blog worthy and I should just…not.

But, then I remember it’s my blog to mess up how I’d like and even the boring things are pretty cool… to me at least. ;) So.. here’s a big ol’ insta haps for you. Which btdubs you can always follow along on instagram to see it live! ha :)

1.) Yes, she’s in the bathroom. No, she’s not going. She was watching me get my weave on. ;) But, it’s a real smile and I hardly ever get those from her and it amazed me. She’s so beautiful it hurts.

Said weave. Fake hair. Dark. It’s actually pretty painful and I think my head is rejecting it? If that’s possible. Anyway, my scalp is angry but it’s pretty. I’m conflicted.

We put up the tree. And then it wasn’t sparkly enough for the girls liking. And, then they kept sneaking ornaments and putting them on their tree. This whole “let them run Christmas” isn’t working so well. We’ll see. So far I have some color on the tree and I haven’t broken out into hives yet…..ahem.

I know. Dad’s giving no heat curls.

So hot.

That is all.

If Michigan will get it’s act together and stop THUNDERSTORMING in December, I’ll take pictures of our holiday decor.. Silly Michigan.

How about you? How was your weekend?

Happy Monday!


  1. says

    She looks just like you!! Your brown hair is gorgeous!
    My weekend was full of Irish Dance Competition on Saturday and then relaxing, crafting and vegging out on Sunday!

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