Christmas Mantel 2012 {Gold, Glitter and Blue}

When I told my husband I wanted to try and incorporate antlers into the mantel for some fun he didn’t even bat an eye.

Parts of skulls.

On a festive Christmas mantel.

Yeah.. Seems legit.

But really, I get a lot of flack for some of the things that interest me. Antlers being one of them. But they’re just so cool! And, aside from the hunting debate I’m not getting into at the moment… They’re as close to nature as you can get ;)

Plus deer. Reindeer. Rudolf. It all makes sense, no? I think so. Anyway, carryon.

Since I couldn’t find a head to mount I decided to rock the silhouette and make it myself. But shinier.

The girls requested more glitter, when I first did the mantel and tweaked it a tad they said “That’s it?”

Whomp whomp.

You want more? Oh, I’ll give you more, children.

So I took it all down, and encouraging myself to not buy a damnned Darn thing this year I broke out the bins of blue ornaments. Last year I really did try to like the blue. I did. But I couldn’t do it, it wasn’t Christmasy enough.

I’m happy to say, I tried it again. And, I liked it.

It’s kind of a mix between a hoarders Christmas with all the jars, and someone clearly interested in the sport of hunting Rudolf..And sprinkling glitter all over him. And, it’s glorious.

I have some tea lights for the jars but, the battery operated ones have way too much orange in them and it throws the whole thing off so I think I’ll put some real ones in on Christmas for a touch more magic.

The jewelry box is from my bedroom. I used this tutorial for the dipped ball jars.

The antlers are from my fajah

The jars are an assortment of Ball Jars, Jelly Jars and random ones from my fridge with questionable items in them that got cleaned out.

Blue ornaments from Walmart, gold ones from the dollar store.

Greenery is old, but it’s from Target, there’s actually a few swags intertwined together. Makes it fuller..lovelier.

The deer isn’t centered, so I put a frame there and just hot glued an ornament to it. It’s not my favorite thing but what’s one more item in the hodge podge of hoardiness.

And, at night.. it’s lovely.

Next up..The tree!


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    I love antlers too. I’ve had questionable responses when I pinned a mooshead with sparkly antlers. And a paper/cardboard reindeer bust. I love your sparkly reindeer, the mantel looks so pretty.

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    Aww, I love it! It looks sooo nice!! :) I’m jealous of your last picture – the one with the Bokeh. My new camera does not do that! Booo!!! lol Anyhow, pinning, of course. :) Ahh, I’m going to share on FB and Twitter too (oh Google + too!). Love ya girl! xoxo

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