Favorite things 2012

It’s that time again.. For the annual favorite things post! Basically it’s a pile of things that I’ve actually tried and love. Great ideas if you were thinking of having a favorite things party or for stocking stuffers for that matter! Most of these items are under $20.00 which is a big bonus. Love me some thrifty shopping.

Favorite things post

1. I can’t stop the chocolate. Dove is my favorite, besides some Godiva which this girl can’t afford everyday. :)

2. I can’t stop talking about this foundation because it’s the bomb dot com. It’s so smooth and makes your face look flawless!

3. Dream Bouncy Blush, they look bright and a little intimidating but I promise you they’re very subtle and lovely.

4. Essie Polish. I’m a fan of any color they have but lately Turquoise and caicos is my favorite. It’s just so happy.

5.) Noir Tease Perfume from Victorias Secret. I can’t really explain this scent other than it’s a perfect opposite from what I wear in the Summer (Discontinued Fresh Pineapple from Bath and Body Works) It smells warm and cozy to me, but not overly powerful. It’s just really pretty. Try it, you’ll like it! Plus you can get the little sprays which, don’t last quite as long as the perfume but they’re under 10.00 by the register.

6. Old Navy sequined scarves. I could wear a scarf everyday, and usually I do. These are fancy enough to dress up a plain t-shirt.

7. Martha Stewart Glitter Set. I’ve used this set all over the place for Christmas. One little tub worked on the whole deer project that I did for the mantel. And, it’s so sparkly!

So, there’s a couple of my favorites! I hope you check them out, I really think you’ll enjoy them!

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Oh, and you can catch last years installment here.

Merry almost Christmas!



    • Rachelle says

      Hi Lisa! :) I just use my fingers to apply it, I know it’s bad for you and kind of gross but it’s just easiest for me. I do have a stippling brush that I apply my setting powder after so I know it is possible to use a flat top brush too and it works just as well in my opinion. But, I’m super lazy and not the best brush cleaner so shortcuts it is! :)

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