Christmas Decor 2012

I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet. Picture heavy if I can help it. :)

I went really simple this year. Once I felt overwhelmed with it… It was time to pack the boxes away and just relax.. It’s a TREE. It’s a MANTEL. It’s not the end of the world if it isn’t perfect. C’mon Rachelle.. Focus! There are bigger things going on.

I took what I liked. I asked the girls what they wanted. And, boom. Flower Muse helped as well by sending me a ton of pretty white hydrangeas. Goodness, this year..this week.. I needed some beauty. And, that they were. They were super fresh and have held together for almost a full week now. I loved them so much, I stuck them in my tree! They’re white and big ol’ balls

Ahem..{C’mon google, I dare you}

So, they mimic ornaments really well I think.

Okay, I said short and sweet and it’s novel long. Enjoy some twinkle lights. Some glitter and gold. And, be happy. Right now, this moment. Be. happy.

Merry Christmas, loves.





















More info on the Mantel?

How about those Gold Ornaments?

Want to just be best friends forever?

To see last Christmas

I’ll be joining the Nester for her Holiday party.. and hookin’ up with HOH


  1. Gorgeous! I love all of the holiday sparkle and twinkle!! Your mantel looks amazing. I love the reindeer on wood picture, all of the candles and the soft blues!

  2. hehe. my tree is up. sometimes we even plug it in.

    doesn’t have the first ornament on it yet.

    Thinking a hot cocoa and popcorn night. :) and ornaments on the tree.

    planning it for tomorrow. :)

  3. love the mantle with the blues and silvers and golds. and your chalkboard wall! so stinkin’ good. happy holidays!

  4. gorgeous! i love that mantle and love the jar of prety white flowers! it all looks beautiful and cozy!

  5. Love love love it all :) fa la la la la la la la la Again, I need to blog my minimal christmas decor that I have going on in this casa… This week hopefully!

  6. Oh, I love your space! Gold dipped antlers, you’re my kind of designer! xo Kristin

  7. I love the blues and greens! I adore your reindeer silhouette though, it’s wonderful ;)

  8. Gorgeous decor… as always. :)

  9. Love your tree and the chalkboard wall!

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