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I’m a big fan of Instagram. I’m not going to jump on the vine bandwagon anytime soon but I sure do love seeing what everyone’s up to with pretty pictures and filters and sharing my babies faces. Because, let’s face it.. They’re freakin’ adorable.

Here’s my life via instagram as of late.. if you’d like to follow along I’m Fotfblog {Clever I know}

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1.) The girls got fun glasses.. Sometimes I steal them. Not Chloe’s though because she wears them EVERY.WHERE. She’ll say “These are real guys, I have bad eyes” Dork.

2.) Said glasses at TGIFridays

3.) We’re the elderly couple trying to figure out this finicky phone.. we also don’t clean mirrors.. Clearly.

4.) Girlfrann got her hair did and a hot chocolate. She felt pretty fly.

5.) Two things.. I hit 100k which is crazy because we bought it almost new. Wahh. Also almost 60 degrees in January, What?!

6.) Earrings weren’t as fun getting as someone thought.. Poor babe. It was okay 10 minutes later.. Best birthday gift ever she said!

7.) Pier 1 pinned my bedroom.. ’nuff said.

8.) Rusty metal arrow goodness? Or made from paper.. You decide. ;) I’ll blog about it soon.

9.) Pre-earring joy. SUCH excitement!

10.) Matching makeup.. Not matching bathing suits.

11.) Sleepy head.

12.) I quit pop again (YES POP) and my coworker spilled hers and it affirmed it’s love for me.

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