DIY Valentines Art

Remember the piece of art in the corner of yesterdays photo?


Well that just so happens to be Jared’s Valentines Day gift I whipped up the other day for $1.79.

Seriously it’s so easy. You’ll thank me later!

First, the story behind it, is kind of silly and sickeningly sweet.

It’s the coordinates to our high school math class– I know I know. Roll those eyes baby!

But, that’s where we met and I have a soft spot for that place. So, I did what any sane person would do and message their old highschool teacher on facebook and casually ask her to 1.) Install a latitude/longitude app on their phone and go stand in the math room and write down the coordinates. Like that’s asking too much? Ha! Okay sometimes my crazy takes over and runs wild, what can I say.

If you don’t have access to the app or what to do it the (easy) way which I didn’t know about till after– whoops. Check this website out and put in your address. So easy! I promised, didn’t I?

But she said yes.. Yay! And I took those numbers and used Picmonkey to type them up with a chalkboard background.


You can’t really see the detail of the background but it’s got a hazy chalk look, the font I used was Chelsea Market and you can google chalkboard backgrounds and come up with a million different types and save them. That’s probably illegal. Pretend I didn’t encourage that.


I could have printed them but, devil cat chewed up that cord– so I sent it to walmart and an hour later, I had ye old print in 5×7 form. And, I couldn’t be happier. Jared couldn’t either!


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    Rachelle, I love this idea! We are getting married & I think this would be the perfect thing to send over for him to open before the ceremony. It’s just so sweet but not too “girly.” I just love Jared’s reaction above … thank you for sharing!!


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