Wednesday Happ’nins

I figured it was time for another chit chat post. I really like those, I like to see the conversation going in the comments so chat it up ladies. I’ll start.

I kept leaving little hints on instagram and facebook about life changes that are starting to happen.

Remember my 2013 goals?

One was to be home more.

And, we’re well on our way to make that happen. Like– Jump into it feet first.. No, I take that back more like a cannon ball. And not a graceful one, if there is such a thing. More like– Holy shit this is really happening we’re going to be poor but happy.

Hashtag live off of love? ha. Because we will be. But I’m going to have faith it will work out.

Which leads me to my next thing. We’re also diving into trying to be debt free. Ha! Ironic no? Let’s quit our jobs live off the land and pay off our debt. Pray for me next year this time we wont be saying “we’re idiots” Anyway, I took up this little gig on the side selling It Works! And, you guys– I’m hooked. I’m not going to get all sale-sy on you but you know when you really fall in love with something and you keep thinking I need more I need more? What’s that called?


Oh yeah, crack.


It’s like crack for me. So, my friend said, instead of buying it all the freaking time why don’t you sell it too.. Duh. So I promised myself all my money I make doing on that– will go towards my (our) debt.


Because, I love to share the deets– Let me know if you’re interested or email me

at and we’ll hook a sister up.

I can’t say enough good things about these things.. I’m workin hard people.. tryin to get that pre-baby body back haha.. I’m going to be uber embarrassed about this tomorrow but, this was after 45 min. I swear I wasn’t pregnant, I just constantly walk around LOOKING 6 months pregnant. Oy.


And, that was with 1/4 of the kit. I still have two more to do! Eeek. :)

Now.. onto what I want to do… full time…

I’m going to follow my dream and blog. Design. Be a Mom to my girls. And be..


I can’t wait to see how the next few months play out. Pray for us okay?! Could be scary. But oh so good.

How about a picture from date night the other day… Everyone said, you look so pretty what did you do different?



Hahahhaa. Actually, I showered people. It does wonders. Or so I hear, I’ve only tried it the one time. ;)

Oh, and my 7 soon to be 8 year old figured out how to text me via her ipad.

I dislike how old she’s getting. I like how blunt she’s getting.

Bangs. That is all.



So what’s new with YOU?!

Oh and tomorrow I’m going to show you our basement.. Did I mention we gutted it, reframed it and we’re drywalling!? Um.. Surprise! You guys can help me decide what we’ll use the room as.

Hint: You’re going to agree with me and say playroom and switch the playroom to a nursery.

Jared won’t agree, but who said he has a say? Kidding.

Peace out homies. Tell me about your week, lives..favorite perfume, I don’t care! Just tell me more. Let’s engage!


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    Your blog is so awesome…I thought you were already a full time blogger! Change can be scary…we jumped off the deep end in 09 and started a construction business. We had no security, and it was HARD. but now we are financially comfortable, and and it feels good to be with my kid. We never had the extras working for someone else. Now its nice to have the luxuries we never had before. Being rich isn’t the goal, but my very wise mother always say” you’ll never get rich working for someone else.” The sacrifice is worth the payoff. You can do it!

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    Love your blog– I just started blogging but have been following yours for a while, it’s so relate-able and I LOVEEE all of your crafty projects! Good luck with following your dreams– you will do great!


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