People Magazine Special Oscar Double Issue and a WINNER WINNER!

Ahh– it’s finally out!


And, I must say, even though my favorite Jennifer wasn’t on the cover– they picked a great other Jen to grace the cover of such a special magazine. :) She’s such a beauty!

I took that sucker home, sat down and enjoyed some fountain mountain (ha-ha) and a FEW chocolate goodies and got to readin’


Of course, when I flipped to the inside “Winning Moments” and saw Miss Lawrence in her GORGEOUS gown? I was so excited for her, she seems like such a sweet girl.

Besides the gowns, the make up and hair?! Get out of here. Gorgeous. I took a couple styles and added them to my inspiration files for fancy hair events. What? You don’t go to fancy hair events? ;)

Overall it was a great read. A lot of things to drool over, and I’m not just talking about the gents in tuxes. Jewels, make up, hair, dresses it’s basically a girls dream.

Reese Witherspoon looked flawless as always, and Amanda Seyfried? Gorgeous. Stunning!

I was also a big fan of the Oscar Memories article– love seeing celebs just be mommies and daddies. :) Makes my heart melt.

If you can’t tell– I loved it. :)

How about we talk about the WINNER from the 1st post?! Yes lets!

Dun dun dun– and the Oscar– gift card goes to..


Christa the BabbyMama

christa terry

Whoop whoop get it girl! She’s excited– can you tell?

For everyone else, there’s still a chance to win the sweepstakes going on!

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