Things that just make me laugh

A friend said to me the other day..

You never share stories anymore.. Why don’t you share the funny crap.. THAT was your blog material.

Welp. See, I went through that.. “I need content! I need to do projects! But I’m working.. So I’m too tired to do anything..ever.” I sometimes forget I can write about whatever I want.

Like the time we did a juice cleanse and we failed the first time we tried. (Respectively, we tried again shortly after.)

The first time? Brutal. Literally the day after we bought our juicer and approximately five thousand dollars worth of fruits and veggies, drank our drinks.. got home from work and it went a little like this.


No joke. I gained probably 10 pounds just that evening. It’s all in your head people.. Make yourself think you’re eating less and all of a sudden you picture yourself on a desert island with cheeseburger mirages in front of you. It’s not pretty. If it weren’t for taco bell that night (and Chinese food, and brownies. For shame) , I might have chewed off Jareds arm in my sleep.

Or, I’m not too sure why I never share the fact that I married a duck dynasty member.


Or.. any other character he decides to be that day.

If you didn’t laugh at the middle picture, there might be a problem. Look into it.

So basically, I’m here to tell you I’m still alive. I quit posting because I was worried I could ONLY post about home decor. And, I realized that this is indeed my blog.. and at one point you liked it for me. I think? Maybe for the sheer reason that I might post pictures of my hot bearded husband. But either way. This is me. This is my blog. I love it. It makes me happy and sometimes I’m going to throw “me” posts in. And, that’s okay right? Right.

Go team!


  1. Joy Cagle says:

    Love it! Never heard the juicer story… well I knew you were doing it, but never the ending. LOL As for Jared, I swear, he’s a human Chia pet!

  2. Great story and photos! I often go days without writing a blog post. . . and somehow the guilt never consumes me. Hang in there- we’re still here… waiting for another great story, reading, and commenting!

  3. You go girl! I love personal stories… it’s probably why I started following in the first place.

  4. We love the me posts!!!

  5. You go girl! I think that you have to post about the daily stuff.. it makes it so much more…. interesting. ;) Do what makes you happy, and have fun doing it!

  6. In that middle picture, J looks shockingly similar to a teacher I had in elementary school. Like, I had to do a double-take. Creepy. Also, your juice cleanse conversation was awesome…”Don’t tell anyone” made me laugh out loud. Well done.

  7. Post whatever you want! Those of us in the hot bearded husband club have to stick together!

  8. Love “me” posts. Just as much as home decor posts. Maybe more? You are hilair.

  9. Funny-my husband is on a juice cleanse and lost 25 #…..agree blogs are about people …not just decor…

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