Basement Remodel

So part of my absence lately has a lot to do with a little basement overhaul.

Not just painting..and playing with colors and textures, oh no. We’re talking starting from the ground up.. LIT-RA-LY.



We (jared) took all the drywall down, cleaned the walls like crazy people.. sanded everything down and we drylocked the whole thing. The cinder block walls behind the old drywall was a hot mess, there were leaks that needed to be patched up, ROOTS growing on the wall. My worst nightmare.




Builder Dad Ricky came in and framed it in for us, while Jared’s friend did an awesome job at plumbing. Because, I’m that wife that wants the shower moved 5 inches.

It matters people. 5 inches matter. ;)


Whoa whoa whoa. C’mon now.

In a bathroom that’s already tiny as heck, we needed the space and it added a little bit more light coming around from the corner. You’ll see that soon.

Then came the electrician, who re-wired everything, and added two more lights (Hallelujah!) so we could actually see in the tiny cave that is is.



And, we’ve since drywalled–and mudded and by we I mean Jared. No, that’s a lie. I did help- I held up that mammoth ceiling ALONE while he lost the drill–found the drill–dropped the screw– found it.. all without breaking a sweat. I’m pretty sure that means my work outs are working. I’m built people, BUILT.

I haven’t taken any photos with my big girl camera, mostly because the room is soo small you can’t really get a fix on it. But I sure have been sharing it on instagram and facebook!

Our goal is to do the whole basement (ahh) under $2000.00. We’re using things we have, like re purposing old doors that were in the house before, clearance items (Hello sales on toilets!) and trying to just think smarter with our money. Do we NEED 2.99 a square foot tile, or can we get by with something cheaper? Yeah.. it’s a fun time. Pray for us, mmk? I’ve gotten a few come to Jesus talks regarding my spending habits, thankfully my husband is GREAT at reminding me we’re on a budget. :)

How about you? Any big overhauls going on in your life?


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    Nahh..nothing too big going on right now. All our money is at college with our daughter at the moment. I can tell your basement is going to look GREAT! We did overhaul our basement about 5 years ago but we had to hire professionals. Having that space has been so nice! You will love it!

  2. says hubby’s a contractor & constantly ripping my house apart. Just know it will be worth it! I can’t wait to see how it turns out! We’re about to do our batch room, wish I had a plumber friend!

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    I can’t even imagine having the know how to pull off something like that! I so wish we were handy – totally not. I’m handy when it comes to shoving junk in my mouth though. lol Anyhow, this post made me laugh – especially the come to Jesus talk about spending. ha ha Can’t wait to see the after pics. :) XO


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