Basement Ideas

Since our house is on the market right now I’m reluctant to actually plan what I want to use the added space for. Back before we gutted the whole thing it was dark, damp, and thanks to thousands of spiders– really scary. I don’t want it to be scary! Plus I paid way too much money not only on the makeover but on spider control (Yes I said SPIDER CONTROL) to not enjoy the freakin’ thing!

Let’s be realistic, we’re in Michigan. The market isn’t great– and our neighborhood unfortunately was hit with a lot of foreclosures which bumped our house pretty low on the price tag spectrum. So, my brain is telling me we’ll be here probably for another year. Unfortunately.

But, it’s not up to me! What’s meant to be will be and if we’re going to be here for longer so be it. We have a roof over our heads and a cramped house but people live in much smaller homes, right? And, the extra space will help so so so much. Not to mention a second bathroom. HEAVEN.

I have dreams of it being an office. A place for me to work on the blog and my other job.

But, we’ve also talked about making it the playroom, in case we needed the other playroom for something else.. a nursery maybe? Hint Hint Jared.

We can’t use it for a bedroom because of housing codes, but it could be a nice family room perhaps? It’s small but I’m loving these small sectionals at world market! They look so comfortable and stylish at the same time. And, I’m fine with small cozy rooms with cushy sectionals. There’s no such thing as cramped when you have 4 people, two animals in a one bathroom 3 bedroom 1200 square foot house. ;) You embrace cozy.

I’m rambling.

Here’s some rooms I’ve found on Pinterest that I’m in love with!







I’d love to hear your thoughts! Remember, I’m working with a completely blank canvas! Super exciting! :) Make sure you check out my Basement Board on Pinterest for my latest inspiration


  1. amy says

    We live in an old house with small sectioned rooms on the main floor. We updated part of the basement and have it as the “family room”. The only tv we have is in the basement along with most of the 3 kids’ toys. Even though the ceiling is low I now love this space. All 5 of us can be in the basement and be content. It’s almost like a cozy but open family room that my friends with new homes have!

    Of course I am partial to the first picture because it reminds me of our basement but I am refusing to repaint the walls a lighter color because it took me forever to paint the 70’s paneling and that was before the carpet was installed!

    Your new space will be awesome and you will love the extra space!



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