Box Tops for Education Collector.. {A tutorial}

If there’s anything you should know about me it’s this.

I like EASY projects. Think– 10 minutes top, minus drying time I suppose. Some might call that lazy, I call it productive.

So our school is big about box top labels (is there a school that isn’t big on them?) Since one of my daughters goes to a uniform school, they have competitions for box tops and whichever class has the most gets a non uniform day (or pizza party, hot choc party, etc) Naturally we save them up for a long time and when the competitions come around, we dominate. No big deal. Even if that means only turning them in once or twice a year, we turn in TONS.

To be fair, the other daughter gets to turn in box tops too, but she doesn’t get as excited, I can slide by with just turning in a baggie full. ;) Until next year.. Tear!

I’m getting off track, as you may know– that happens a lot. So I bought this glass jar to keep the box tops contained so we could try and stay away from plastic bag after plastic bag of them. But I wanted to spiff it up a bit.
 photo IMG_5924_zpsd028df79.jpg

I bought: 1 glass jar from Hobby Lobby, with a 40% off coupon, a can of spray paint on sale 30% off and stickers 50% off. Did I mention I’m also cheap?

I put the foam stickers on the jar, this is kind of self explanatory but what kind of tutorial giver would I be if I just said “do the obvious, you’re done, you’re welcome”

 photo IMG_5925_zpsd2cdbfbd.jpg
Spray paint, and peel off!

 photo IMG_5928_zpsdaf33676.jpg
 photo IMG_5929_zps88f87822.jpg

 photo IMG_5936_zpsa96b18b1.jpg

 photo IMG_5942_zps73bf3b35.jpg
Glorious! I love it. The girls love it. It’s the simple things that matter.. ;) Happy Monday!




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