It Works info {Plus a special!}

I’ve shared a little bit here and there on facebook, instagram and previous blog posts but I figured it deserved a post in it’s own.


Recently I decided to jump the gun and sign up to be a distributor for It Works! Global.

It’s kind of amazing guys, and you know I don’t lie and throw rainbows all over the place. It all started when a friend of Jared’s wife (wait, that doesn’t sound right ha) was selling it and you know how it goes, you want to try it.. see what it’s all about. So I did.


Not only did it do crazy weird things to my mom-gut, it made me feel a lot better. So I poked around a bit, bought some more. Did way too much shopping through her site and she said Um.. why the hell aren’t you selling this too if you like it so much?

Well.. I don’t know. Maybe I should.


So I did. And it’s been insane. It’s not just about wraps or gettin’ skinny even though that’s kind of a huge bonus of it. But it’s about being healthy.. something that I’ve been really striving for as of late. And, let me tell you I’ve NEVER been one to do the whole network marketing or sell things like Scentsy and Thirty One. I’ve been to parties and love the products but eh.. it wasn’t for me.

Something about this one is different.. Maybe I use it more? I’m not sure, but it seemed different going into. And, I swear it wasn’t the $10,000 bonus.. hahaha but that helps.

The extra income from parties, and sales helped me stay home with Chloe, which is awesome.

The greens help me feel BETTER and slowly kick my pop habit.. Ahh, it’s hard.

The facials are killin’ it for my face. It hasn’t felt this smooth in.. well ever.

facialapplicator1 531505_377621139011926_1850737328_n

And, I’m breaking out of my shell and actually having parties and NOT being that quiet girl that everyone always says I am. (I’m not to my friends.. but you know how it goes) It’s just been amazing.

Sales pitch over.


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If you’re interested in hearing a little more about the wraps, greens, fat fighters.. or basically ANYTHING in the shop I’d love to tell you more about it.

I want to give a little somthin’ somthin’ away to my followers though, so this week only I’m going to be selling wraps and facials at a discount. You can get a wrap for 25.00 Shipped.. a Facial for 20.00 Shipped or a wrap and a facial for 40.00 Shipped.

Errrybody loves free shipping. ;) If you’re still stumped on what to get Mom for Mothers day, this is it! Put the facial in a gift bag with a thing of bubble bath, magazine and a candle? Genius. She’ll thank you.

Make sure to email me at and I’ll send it out today! I’ve been going to the post office every day sending wraps to California, Canada, New York, Illinois, EVERYWHERE. And, they’re loving them. I’d love to send you some love too.. Pst. There’s also some other goodies that will make it’s way into your package.. Because I love my readers. ;)


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